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"Over Seven Decades: the Art of Gershon Benjamin"

Spanierman Gallery, New York City

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The Foundation

The Gershon Benjamin Foundation was established to shepherd the soul-moving art created by Gershon Benjamin to permanent placement where it will be loved and appreciated.

The Gershon Benjamin Foundation’s mission is to introduce the art of Gershon Benjamin (1899 – 1985) to the public, to place his soul-moving art where it will be loved, and with proceeds from sales make grants to mid to late career artists. The grants may be used for any purpose.

The Foundation was conceived by the artist and his wife in the 1970’s, but age and declining health delayed activation of the Foundation until 2001. Thanks to bequests from the estates of Gershon Benjamin and Zelda Benjamin, the foundation is now active and flourishing.

The Foundation's inaugural exhibition, "Gershon and the City", opened on October 26, 2003 at The Library, College at Florham, Fairleigh Dickenson University, Madison, New Jersey and continued until December 19, 2003. Selected works were also included in an exhibit at the Spanierman Gallery, New York, during February 2004.

Although Benjamin was very active on the New York art scene from 1923 until 1960 when he retired from a career in photo engraving to full-time painting in his New Jersey studio, and although he was a colleague of many well-known artists of the twentieth century, he and his work remain largely unknown. His closest friend was Milton Avery. Benjamin painted with Adolph Gottlieb, Mark Rothko, John Sloan, Arshile Gorky and the Soyer brothers. In fact, on a regular basis, they shared the cost of hiring models and critiqued each other’s works. 

From the age of 12, Benjamin's life purpose was to create beautiful pictures, only beautiful pictures. He had no time for anything that was not beautiful and he saw beauty everywhere. Matthew Baigell, Professor Emeritus of Art History at Rutgers University said in his introduction to the "Gershon and the City" exhibition of paintings of New York City that Benjamin’s work "aligns itself with several contemporary artists…. including significant figures such as George Ault, Earnest Fiene, Edward Hopper and Charles Sheeler and that Benjamin’s art rightfully takes its place in the history of the art that sought to reveal the changing faces of New York in the last century." Benjamin’s faces of New York are beautiful. It is time to share this beauty with a larger public.

During the decades that Benjamin lived in New York City, he continued his studies in various media including etching, but favored oil, gouache and watercolor. His subjects include portraits, landscapes, still life and interiors, as well as city scapes.

The Gershon Benjamin Foundation administers the art created from 1912 until 1985. The Spanierman Gallery, New York City, is the exclusive representative of the artwork of Gershon Benjamin.

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